Planning started for Seattle Code Camp 2014

Looking for a Venue

The past few years the folks at DigiPen have been gracious to host us in Redmond. This year we are looking for a new venue. It needs 6-10 rooms each capable of holding 25-75 people. Internet already on site. Projectors in each room.

We are looking at dates in September. If you have a lead on a location or your company would like to sponsor the event by donating space please contact the organizer, Chris Kinsman, at admin @



This fall the western washington development community is coming together for an outstanding community-based software (un-)conference like no other

What is Code Camp?

Code Camp is a community event where developers talk with-and learn from-fellow developers. All are welcome to attend and speak. Code Camps have been wildly successful, and we have been bringing that success to Seattle since 2005!

An original Code Camp organizer, Thom Robbins, wrote a six-point manifesto: Code Camps are (1) by and for the developer community; (2) always free (**set note below); (3) community developed material; (4) no fluff - only code; (5) owned by the community; and (6) never occur during working hours.

What can I expect at the Seattle Code Camp?

A full day of talking about code with fellow developers. Sessions will range from informal "chalk talks" to presentations. There will be a mix of presenters, some experienced folks, for some it may be their first opportunity to speak in public. We are expecting to see people from throughout the Pacific Northwest region and beyond.

We don't yet have a list of sessions on the site as we are still collecting sessions from speakers. Interested in speaking please head here. Watch this site for more details and schedule as we firm things up.

Where is the schedule?

This event is made up of content from the community. We will accept submissions for sessions from 6/15/13 - 9/7/13. We will open voting on sessions to all attendees 8/15/13 - 9/14/13. The organizers will then take the top voted sessions and craft a schedule that will be on the site by 9/15/13.

Is this a Microsoft (or open source, Java, etc) event?

The answer is no (or all of the above depending on your perspective). This is a Seattle developer community event, not a Microsoft or any other company event. Everyone is welcome to present so long as it fits the Code Camp guidelines (must be about code, and isn't a direct advertisement for a product or service).

Don't think about Code Camp in terms of what technological faction it caters to... it's not like other events. Think about it as an event where developers convene and share their knowledge and experience. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate!

How can I attend the Seattle Code Camp?

Attendance is $10 and space is limited so you need to register. We will send occasional updates via the email address you used when you register.

As organizers we really wrestled with the decision to charge a fee this year. We wanted to keep things inclusivse as possible and ensure everyone who wanted to attend could. With a free event a large number of people who sign up never attend. Last year we had ~50% of the registered attendees not show up. We have to commit to a certain number of catered lunches / snacks almost a week in advance. This meant there was a lot of wasted food. Since the main variable cost we incur is catering and we have a limited amount of space to hold the event we decided to add a small fee of $10. The intent of this fee is twofold.

  1. To cover our catering costs with the venue.
  2. To have folks pause a moment or two to ensure they will really attend if they sign up.

Can I get a refund?

We understand that things will occasionally come up after you register. If you need to cancel we appreciate you notifying us so that we can open up space for others. We will not be offering refunds due to the cost of processing the initial charge and the refund. If you cannot attend consider your small payment a donation to help support the local technology community.

How do I speak at the Seattle Code Camp?

Register, Login and then go to the My Participation page to submit your talk. We are looking for one-hour sessions, with 15 minutes of question and answer. We want to see more code than PowerPoint slides. We want to see your passion. Sessions are selected by the attendees via popular vote. Make sure your description matches your talk and really sells your session. Voting starts 8/15/13. The earlier you submit your session typically the more votes it gets.

Never presented before? Don't be shy! Code Camp is for you!

Who is making Seattle Code Camp happen?

Seattle Code Camp is being organized by a growing list of groups and individuals including Chris Kinsman and Walt Ritscher.

Do you need any help?

Yes! Anyone willing to help out please email admin@Seattle.Codecamp.Us

Where is the Seattle Code Camp?

Seattle Code Camp is being held at the DigiPen campus in Redmond, WA. Directions