Event Overview

Code Camps are free, one day learning events for programming professionals and students embracing a wide variety of technologies. Code Camps are "grass roots" mini application, cloud, and mobile platform developer conferences, free of charge to attendees and open to presenters of all stripes and experience.

Code Camps are:

  • By and for the developer community

  • Always free

  • Community developed material

  • No fluff – practical code and actionable soft skills

  • Community ownership

The Seattle Code Camp is organized by the NW Software Developers Association (dotnetda.org) a 501c3 educational organization.  

We have four goals for this event:

  • Provide a first class learning experience for our attendees. Even though it will be free, we plan to make it as good as or better than a similar paid event.

  • Provide a great networking experience for software development professionals, vendors and employers.

  • Build our speaker pool. We’ve worked hard to get local speakers for the event.

  • Build relationships with sponsors. The local user group is funded entirely by donations and we hope that you will see them as a good venue for highlighting your products, services or just as a good place to look for talent.

This is the 18th time this event will be held in Seattle.  The last seven years we have hosted over 400 attendees and our goal is to increase attendance each year – building on the success of previous Code Camp events. Our target audience is Software, IT, Database, and Cloud professionals and managers working in the state of Washington. Traditionally, our attendees come from all experience levels ranging from beginning to senior level positions.

We advertise via .NET Developers Association, local meetups, posts in several local blogs and mentions in newsletters of User Groups, PASS and MSDN Flash, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We are also working with our personal contacts and asking our friends in the staffing community to help us get the word out.

We hope you will support our event! Please contact us at sponsorships@Seattle.Codecamp.us or call Maxim Bovykin at 240-367-3469.

Event Logistics

Our event follows the standard conference model.  We are planning on 72 sessions, which will run 60 minutes long, with 15 minute breaks between to allow time for attendees to visit with our sponsors. Registration will open at 7:00 am.  Announcements will start at 8:00 am and sessions will begin by 8:30 am. Lunch will be provided on site. The last session will end at 4:30, followed by closing remarks and a prize give-away.

Upon arrival, attendees will complete the registration process and network in the entrance with other attendees and sponsors.

We will end the day with a closing session and prize raffles.

Note: We will not accept give away items for the raffle from anyone but sponsors.

After the event we will send a follow-up email that will recap the day, provide links to the files from the event for download and provide a list of all sponsors with a links to their designated sites on the https://seattle.codecamp.us. This provides sponsors with one more opportunity to interact with attendees once the event has completed.

We will not be providing contact information for attendees to sponsors. If sponsors wish to obtain this we recommend a sponsorship level which includes a table on site and to collect names for some type of give away at their table.  We are happy to announce give away winners at the closing session.

Sponsor Information and Deadlines

Upon arrival platinum and diamond sponsors will be greeted by a volunteer and shown to their area where a table and 2 chairs will be provided. Some tables may be shared with another sponsor.  All sponsors should bring marketing materials and be prepared to man their booth for the duration of the event.  We suggest that you bring business cards, pens, branded trinkets, a banner/sign, and have a raffle prize for your table to assist in the collection of business cards and other contact information.  If you are giving away a prize during the raffle, prizes will be given away and your company announced during the closing remarks. If you require any special assistance like additional chairs, or other needs please contact us 2 weeks prior to the event date so we can best accommodate you: sponsorships@Seattle.Codecamp.us

All attendee badges will contain a QR code with their name and email address.  If you would like to collect this information you may want to ensure that the people manning your booth have a smartphone application that can scan and store QR code data.

It is very important for sponsors to email us their logo to be used on all branded Code Camp communications as soon as possible to maximize their exposure in all marketing appropriate to their sponsor level.

Contribution Levels



Speaking Opportunity before keynote

Logo on Large Entry Banner

Sponsor table in common area

Logo on Directional Signs

Announced at keynote and closing

May donate raffle prizes

Logo on site, agenda, emails





































Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Opportunities are available to sponsor specific parts of the event.

Speaker Party Sponsor: $1500

On the friday night before the event we host a party for all speakers, volunteers and attendees at the home of one of the organizers. Sponsor name will be announced during the Speaker party and sponsor may spend up to 5 minutes addressing attendees during the party.  Without a sponsor this is typically one of the first things we cut to make sure we can offer lunch and coffee to attendees.

Coffee Sponsor: $500 x 3

It has been said that developers, "Turn Coffee into Code." We certainly know our attendees appreciate having it at the event.  This is another one of those optional items that in a fiscal crunch we may cut. Endear yourself to attendees by making sure they have the caffeine available to continue attending sessions. Ideally we would have three coffee services throughout the day.  So there are three opportunities available here. 


We hope you will support our event! Please contact us at sponsorships@Seattle.Codecamp.us or call Maxim Bovykin at 240-367-3469.