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Removing the Operating System Barrier with Platform as a Service

Presenter:Adron Hall

This session will cover the major advances of platform as a service technology, what's available in the OSS space to enable faster, easier, higher quality software development cycles in the cloud. The session will complete with a demo of PAAS technology in use, deploying a highly scalable, distributed & dispersed web application. This presentation will show why PAAS is the way of the future for application deployments. Enterprise, small business, and especially startups will want to learn more about the available PAAS OSS technology and also learn about what is coming in the near future. The presentation is setup to not only cover the immediate technologies of IAAS and SAAS in relation to PAAS but also real life examples of how PAAS gives a competitive advantage to any software development effort. I'll be using a presentation, asking the audience questions to involve them, and also some prospective video along with a real production style deployment of code to involve the audience.

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